Sunday, February 12, 2012

Duncan Fucks Kenny On Corbin Fisher

Duncan fucks a guy for the first time on Corbin Fisher, and it's Kenny. 

Duncan was a nervous boy, but they managed to convince him to have his first experience with another guy, and to do it on film! He's paired up with sexy blond stud Kenny for his first time. Kenny is really chill and laid back that he can make the Freshmen comfortable. They two start making out and pull each others shirts off. Kenny begins kissing Duncan's hard chest and sucking his nipples. He kisses his way down Kenny's stomach. Duncan is rock hard as Kenny sucks and kisses his cock through the underwear. Kenny slowly takes Duncan's firm fuck tool in his mouth and licks his balls. Duncan returns the favor and the hot straight boy sucks cock for his first time

After slapping his dick against Duncan's tongue and devirginizing his mouth, Kenny gets on all fours so Duncan can pound his hole. Duncan watches himself in the mirror as he fucks Kenny deep. He really takes to his first time with another guy. He even lets Kenny ride him as he drills upwards. Duncan gets him on his back and fucks a big load out of him that bursts all over his stomach. Duncan pulls out and mixes his own man juices with Kenny's. 

Duncan really enjoyed his first time with a guy and he'll probably be back to do it again and again with different guys. Maybe he'll even bottom some time soon. Visit Corbin Fisher to check out this scene and other hot college jocks getting it on with each other. 

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