Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Personal Trainer Jordan - Corbin Fisher

Jordan is the latest stud to find his way to Corbin Fisher, and this sexy 23 yo blond, buff stud knows how to give his body a good workout. He's a personal trainer after all. After his workout and a lesson on good carbs and bad, he goes to the locker room. He starts to put his stuff away and remove his clothes, but he's starting to get horny - like all college boys. He starts to rub himself and play with his nipples. Then he moves down to his crotch and teases his cock over his skimpy undies. Once those come down it's all systems go and he starts sliding his fist up and down his fat cock. Jordan works it sitting, standing, with one hand, and two until he pumps out a steaming load and doesn't stop until every last drop has hit the floor.


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