Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Rocco and Anthony Fuck For Cash

Two of the cutest Broke Straight Boys, Rocco and Anthony, were offered a bit of money to get into bed with each other. They both have girlfriends who don't know what their up to right now, but they are hard up for some cash and willing to suck some dick for cash. They're eager to get it on, tear off their clothes, and grab hold of their man-poles. 
They start to get the blood flowing and since Rocco gets hard first, it's Anthony's job to take care of it. He takes that big dick in his mouth and starts working it. Poor straight boy tries to take it slowly down his throat and gets into it, but it's just too big and thick for him. Anthony at one point face fucks him to help him along. 

Rocco, then bends Anthony over, getting him on all fours on the bed in preparation to take a cock up his straight hole. Rocco slowly works it into this tight ass. Once in, he whispers into Anthony's ear and asks, "do you like it rough?" with a big grin on his face.

Rocco starts to pound Anthony, even when he cries that it hurts; but you can see how good it feels every so often. At one point, Rocco grabs Anthony's ankles, lifting him a bit, as Anthony spreads his cheeks nice and wide to feel that hard cock inside him. At the end, Anthony pulls out and starts furiously pumping his cock. He gestures over, and like a good dog, Anthony comes over with his mouth open to catch that big load.

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