Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bradley's First Fuck


Bradley and Connor were in desperate need of cash, so when Broke Straight Boys called them up to do a shoot, they gladly agreed. Bradley was also set up to be fucked for the first time. He really needed money so here is he with Connor. They get naked and work up their dicks. Bradley leans over and takes Connor's cock down his throat. He's a newbie, but he's a quick learner and has Connor panting and moaning in due time. Bradley gets into better position and Connor keeps trying to get him to go deeper by pushing his head down.

Connor is ready to tap that ass, so Bradley rolls over and spreads his ass cheeks apart. Connor slides it deep into Bradley. He loves the feeling of that tight ass and starts a steady pace, while Bradley struggles with the discomfort and new feelings.

Connor tells him to bite down on the pillow as he pulls all the way out and slams it back in, riding Bradley's ass and not letting up. He gets Bradley on his back, continuing his assault, then surprises Bradley with a kiss. Bradley responds with some tongue, and things take a new and interesting turn with these studly straight dudes. Not long after, Connor pulls out and unloads himself on Bradley's chest, who in turn rubs it into himself.

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