Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bobby and Colin - Broke Straight Boys

I guess it's not just toys that Colin likes. He also likes some dick every so often. At least when there's a wad of cash involved. And so this week at Broke Straight Boys, he's paired up Bobby. The boys strip down, get on the bed, and start racing towards a hard-on. Colin springboards first, so Bobby starts sucking his cock. Colin rests his hand on the back of Bobby's head and tries to get him to go deeper. When it doesn't work like he hoped, he just starts thrusting up and face fucking that little curly-haired straight boy. They swap, and Colin swallows it down as he strokes himself. Colin gets Bobby moaning and loving it. Colin's jaw starts to get sore from all the work, so Bobby suggests giving his mouth a break and putting that ass to use. Bobby works it in that tight hole and starts drilling away. 


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