Sunday, August 18, 2013

Fun with the Prison Fag

Johnny Rapid fucked by Jack King and Sebastian Young

Johnny Rapid is a bad boy who was recently sent to prison. The twink fag has a sexy little frame that catches the attention of the straight prison guards. They escort him to the showers and watch him as he soaps up. The faggot prisoner requires special service so that the other inmates don't attack him. Too bad no one is there to protect him from the guards on Men.

Sebastian Young and Jack King are some hot prison guards with raging hormones. They work around guys all day, and don't have time for girlfriends. What else is a guy to do to get off except find some cock hungry fag and make them their bitch. So that's what they set about doing to Johnny. He's only too happy to drop to his knees and service the straight studs

Johnny's faggot ass is nice and tight. It feels better than a pussy. They take turns pounding him in the showers. Then they double penetrate their bitch's ass. These straight superior studs love working at a prison where they can turn men into their bitches and have fags service their cocks on

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