Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Straight Superior Mick

Here's a straight stud waiting for you to drop down on your knees faggot. This is Mick, but you can just call him "Sir." This hot brunette with his tight body is just waiting to exert his power over you and show you that this straight stud is in charge of you.

Mick likes to kick back while a fag like you drools. On you're knees, faggot! He'll play with your balls with his foot - kick them, tickle them, anything but allow them release. He likes to tease inferior fags like you. You don't deserve to see his cock yet, but you can sniff his raunchy pits. Go on! Now lick them!

One last look at the superior straight stud before you go. His body is far better than yours and it's meant to be worshiped. You'll service him, you will pay tributes to him, and you'll like it. That's your place in this world, faggot. Pay tribute to straight boys here or below to enjoy more!

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