Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Military Man Puts on Show for Fags

Mike is a straight military man. He's always getting attention from horny fag boys like you and these guys. They showered him with cash and presents, so they can see his naked ass and straight cock, but they aren't allowed to touch. These faggots are so desperate for his attention that it doesn't matter, so he puts on a little show for them.

The faggots watch him as they grope at t heir own measly boners. He laughs at them. Their dicks are nothing and worthless. He can see the lust in their eyes. He can see how badly they want him. He loves that they'll do anything for him just to watch him shoot his load all over the carpet and fight over which one gets to lick it up. Haha, stupid faggots! Pay tribute to the naked straight military stud now, assholes!

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