Friday, August 16, 2013

Frat House Fag Passes Out

Stupid faggot cum dump! You don't pass out at the party! Who even allowed you to drink? Guess you were sneaking some beers when no one was looking. Well now it's time to pay the price. Your superior straight frat brothers have a punishment in mind. Well, not really. It's what you're there to do anyway. You live to serve these boys. You're there little faggot bitch they get to fuck whenever they want, and you wouldn't have it any other way. It's time for straight studs to gang bang a faggot.

They make fun of your tiny fag dick, then make use of that pussy. That's right, it's not your asshole. Men have assholes; faggots have pussies - nice, tight pussies that only real masculine men get to shove their dicks into. They like watching their fingers get swallowed up into that hungry cum dump. But first it's time to wake up and say, "ahh!" 

It's cock feeding time. Angelo knows what to do. He's a good little faggot, just like you. You wish you could take his place, don't you? It's your dream to have all this college boy cock coming towards your face and rape your throat. Gag the fag! Best buffet in town. Where was this fraternity at your college campus? Definitely not the one you joined, but someone deep in one of those hallowed halls was a secret fag fucking society.

When they're done with his mouth, they rape his ass. It's really not rape because a faggot has no choice, so "no" is never even an option. They don't ask, and he won't tell. He gives it up to them because he knows his place. He knows his hole is there to please superior straight men and gladly takes them one at a time as they gang bang him bareback. Real men don't need a condom and their cum can't be wasted. He wants their loads deep inside. Fags get bred! Time to show some love to the boys of Fraternity X and help pay their tuition. If they don't get paid, you can't watch them get laid.


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