Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Worship Straight Superior Nick Cheney

"What the fuck are you looking at, faggot? You like what you see? I bet you do. Oh, you want to see more? You think I just fucking give it away, you little cock sucker? How about a tribute? That's right, for over some cash, bitch! That'll do, for now."

Is this what you wanted to see, fag? You like my hard body and big uncut cock? I worked hard for this body. Lots of long sessions at the gym. Made my girlfriend kinda mad, but I shut her up when I fucked the shit out of her pussy. Then I fucked her sister right in front of her, just to show her what an alpha male I am. 

We alphas know what's up. We know how you fag boys wish you could have us. We know how you drool over this straight cock. We know you'd do anything to get it too. Whatever the fuck we want, isn't that right? You'll give us the keys to your place. We'll take your bedroom over and have you sleep on the floor in the closet. You'll get to watch us fuck a different girl in your bed every night and if you're lucky we'll allow you to suck our cum right out of her pussy. You like that, don't you, faggot?

You can have the privilege of serving me as my slave. Do my chores, attend to my needs, and make my life easier. We'll allow that and you'll thank us for it. You know it's your role as a submissive cunt and you relish your role. Do a good job and I'll even let you suck my cock some nights I don't have a date. Your mouths are way better anyway. When we fuck you, we won't use a condom. Straight alphas, real men, don't wear them. It'll be rough too. We can through you around and beat you down like we can't with women. Did I say you could touch yourself yet, faggot?!

Uggggh!  Here's my load. Lick it up you worthless bitch! And leave your master a tribute to say thank you. Don't make me fuck you up! If you want more watch me jerk off at Blake Mason.


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