Monday, December 12, 2011

Chase Strokes On Corbin Fisher

Chase is a hot straight boy, who is ex-military and a personal trainer who runs a boot camp course. In this smokin' solo video from Corbin Fisher, Chase rubs his thick, muscular chest and slowly slips his hand into his underwear. He feels his cock, then puts the other hand in. Chase slides his hand into his underwear and jerks his cock. He's pitching one big tent! He rubs his ass as he strokes his baby maker. Chase lies down and plays with his nipple as he continues to jerk it. He rubs his pecs and moans as he strokes his big cock even harder. He plays with his balls and moans, working himself up even more. “Oh yeah, I'm gonna come,” he moans and shoots a big, thick load. Most of it lands right between his beefy pecs. He closes his eyes and relaxes after that intense orgasm.


Watch Chase's video at Corbin Fisher!

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