Thursday, August 15, 2013

Paul Canon Fucks Damien Kyle

These straight boys are so desperate for some money that they are going to fuck each other for a paying fags enjoyment. It's okay, since they're not gay. They don't mind another straight guy touching them, but sorry, you can't. You can watch and pay tribute to keep these sexy straight boys living the life they deserve.

After some mutual masturbation and making out, Damien Kyle wraps his lips around his buddy's cock. Paul Canon doesn't care who's sucking his cock as long as it feels good. It doesn't make him a fag like you, though. You suck cock for free and enjoy it. Damien doesn't, but he's willing to help his buddy out. He even lets his straight buddy fuck his tight ass.

Paul fucks Damien raw. No need to use condoms for these straight boys. Paul just turned Damien into his little faggot bitch. He needs to get off, so that hole will do when a girl isn't available; especially when fags like you keep forking over cash to watch him

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