Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sawyer's Cherry Popped by Tanner - Active Duty

Sawyer is back on Active Duty, and the hot blond stud is going to bottom for the first time. He's slowly progressed and done everything else. Now this sexy straight guy is about to give up his ass to the ripped Tanner and get his cherry popped by the mammoth cock. Good luck with that, Sawyer!

The two handsome heteros take turns giving each other a blow job. They swallow down each other's hard cocks like pros - getting them nice and wet. Soon, it's time for Sawyer to get into position and brace himself. Face down, ass up, that's how he's gonna get fucked. That straight virgin hole is pointed right at Tanner, who takes his thick tool to it. He eases in and Sawyer takes it like a man.

Tanner slams away at the breeder's butt, and Sawyer seems to be enjoying it. They always do. A fat cock pressing against your prostate is like heaven. Sawyer can't help but moan as the tattooed, tough guy drills his cock deep. He loves when Tanner smacks his ass and wants more. 

The devirginized military man gets his turn to top, and gets Tanner bent over the bed. It was only in July that Tanner himself got his cherry popped. Now here he is taking Tanner's fuck-stick. Tanner gets fucked on his back, where he closes his and jerks off - enjoying the sensation of hard cock sliding deep inside of him.

Tanner pumps out a load all over himself and Sawyer follows. He sprays his semen on Tanner and it mingles with the cum Tanner supplied. Sawyer got his cherry popped by Tanner, and is no longer an anal virgin. His first time was a success and he took it like a champ. Hopefully we'll see more of him on Active Duty.

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