Saturday, October 27, 2012

Italian Stallion Jersey Boy Jerks Off

Eddie Cambio from Circle Jerk Boys is a pussy-loving stud from Rhode Island. He looks like one of those Jersey Shore boys with his buffed body, tattoos, and smoldering Italian looks. He probably has that same cocky attitude too. The kind of attitude that says to just shut the fuck up, get on your knees, and put that mouth to work. And you'll do it while he watches some hetero porn, pretending your mouth is his girlfriend's cunt. But you don't care, you're just happy to have his 7-inch cock down your throat. You suck and work it, hoping to please him. You're better than his girl, but he'll never let you know because you're a worthless bitch and that's your place. He'll grab the back of your head and fuck your face until jets of his hot jizz fill your mouth, and you drink it down. It's the nectar of the gods that you crave and will return for whenever he commands it. 

You can watch this hot, breeder boy Eddie Cambio jerk his 7" cock and shoot out a fresh load from those low-hangers all over himself over at Circle Jerk Boys. His buff, tattooed body and scruffy face will excite you and make you beg for more. 

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