Saturday, October 6, 2012

John Jacks Off

John Smith is a very cute, young stud who is going to jerk off for his first time on camera at Amateur Straight Guys. The nervous boy is interviewed by Kaden and tells us how much he loves sports and working out - typical straight boy stuff. He's obviously shy and nervous, which only makes him more adorable. 

Kaden leaves the boy so he can strip down and get comfortable. John slowly strokes  his cock as the camera rolls. His look of discomfort is painfully evident as the breeder boy does his best to get hard. He focuses on the straight porn in the background to get into a groove.

He continues to jerk off until he gets hard. His big, hefty balls bounce up and down as he works his meat. He finally starts to relax and show his cute, little ass and shakes it. 

After, the hetero hunk starts to get into a groove and getting into his performance. He lays back and works his cock in his hand. He runs his other hand over his smooth chest and tweaks his nipples a bit. He smiles that adorable smile of his and you just want to be the one running your hand across his torso. It soon comes time when his balls tighten and his cock blasts that juice onto his stomach. Spent, he finally relaxes completely. Watch John Smith jerks off on Amateur Straight Guys.

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