Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Straight College Boys Fuck Raw

Cameron is a sexy blond-haired, blue-eyed All-American jock stud. He's 22 and an active sports player. He has a high sex drive and his girlfriend does her best to keep up, and even wanted to bring her for a shoot on Corbin Fisher when he first started. Today, the straight boy is there to fuck bisexual brunette, Jamison. The two begin by making out, and Jamison towers over the short Cameron. Swapping tongue is great, but Cam really wants some of Jamison's Johnson, and drops to his knees.

After Cameron swallows his long cock, Jamison pushes him onto the bed so he can suck on that hot cock. After licking the head, he slides his lips down the shaft. It feels so good that Cameron gets the chills. Still hungry for cock, Cameron slides over so they can get into a sixty-nine cock sucking position with Jamison on top. It's fun when straight studs start to crave cock and enjoy sucking it. He may have started out just doing it for money, but that doesn't make you like it and happy to do it. Cameron starts fingering Jamison's hole in preparation.

Jamison wants more than a finger. His hungry hole wants to be filled with Cameron's condomless cock! He climbs on top of the blond stud and slides his ass down the shaft. He bobs up and down as he rides that raw straight dick, filling his jock ass.

Jamison is flipped onto all fours so Cameron can really stuff him good. The breeder boy bangs him hard and deep. Jamison's moans are loud and fill the room, telling us how much he loves getting fucked. The only time this bisexual probably has sex with women is when they are wearing strap-ons!  He loves a straight man making him their bitch

Cam flips his boy on to his back to fuck that mussy missionary-style. That's how he drills his girlfriend, and loves how the lips feel and look wrapped around his cock. He can watch as the legs are spread wide and his thick tool pumps in and out. Jamison jerks his cock as it's happening, and Cameron can see the look at his face that he's ready to blow. Jamison cranks out his spunk all over his stomach. Cameron pulls out and uses Jamison as his cum dump. The boys kiss again, ending the scene on Corbin Fisher - home of the amateur college men.

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