Sunday, September 9, 2012

Rick McCoy Strips to Ankle Socks and Plays With His Ass

Rick McCoy is a sexy young ginger stud with a hot body. Being straight and married doesn't mean he doesn't like to have his fun. He and his wife are wild swingers and very sexual people. Doing gay porn has helped him discover how much he loves having his ass played with, to the extent that he uses dildos on himself at home. This not-so-straight stud shows us what he likes to do at home on Next Door World.

His wife is a very lucky girl to be married to such a wild boy in bed. The former Marine Corps hunk is up for all kinds of fun things and apparently loves getting his hole stretched open. It's good when a straight guy can be open about liking his ass played with and not opposed to a real cock slamming into it. One day soon, he and his wife will probably have a m/m/f threesome. 

Stripped down to just his ankle socks, which is totally hot and I have a thing for, Rick McCoy starts to stroke his cock a bit, but it's not long before he takes one of the big toys he's brought with him and starts lubing up. A pleasurable guttural moan escapes his mouth as he plunges the toy deep into his ass. He starts fucking himself with it and has a lock of pure ecstasy on his face. Straight boy loves taking dick. He leaves the toy inside as he squeezes his balls and strokes his cock. Someone likes a little CBT, I guess. Rick seems to like it all, though. 

The sexy straight boy fucks himself with the second, bigger toy in a few different positions. He just drives himself wild as he massages his prostate and gives in to how good of a feeling that is. His mussy lips wrapped around a dildo and welcoming it in with a kiss. Rick McCoy penetrates himself deep with his toys and soon his cock is spitting up it's viscous baby makers all over his chest and stomach. Rick McCoy's cum drips down his body and he basks in the afterglow of a nice ass fucking with his dildos on Next Door World, where all of the straight boys next door are. 

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