Friday, July 27, 2012

A Couple of Straight Bros Helping Each Other

Austin Andrews and Zane Michaels are two straight best friends, who are willing to do anything for each other. They first met on Straight College Men and a year ago they started their own site - Austin Zane - where they'll play with their other friends. They're just two hot bros, who see nothing wrong with helping out a friend in need - even if that need is a hot ass or mouth to fuck.

A few weeks back, the buds had a live cam show. Austin is the dark and sexy one. Zane is the scruffy blond, who doesn't normally bottom; but when his friend needs help, he'll bend over forward and spread those cheeks. After some hot making out and touching, Zane takes his BFFs hard tool in his mouth. Austin helps him out by pushing his head down. Soon enough, Austin needs more than a mouth.

Austin gets Zane on his back, with his legs spread wide. That straight hole is winking at Austin's dick. Austin slides his man-meat deep into Zane and makes Zane his bitch! Austin gives his friend a hand and jerks out his load while fucking him. 

When Austin is ready to shoot, he kneels next to his buddy's face and squirts. One shot nails him in the face, and some - to his shock - lands in his mouth. He's forced to taste his buddy's jizz. Check out straight friends fucking - Austin Zane.

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