Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Straight Doctor Bound and Used by Dominant Men

Dr. Rob's punishment by the dominant gay men continues. Dave and Adrian lure the not-so-good doctor down to the bowels of the hospital where they jump him and tie him up in a hospital gown. No one can here his screams way down below, when the boys start wailing on his ass and making it turn a bright pink. He's at the mercy of the Breeder Fuckers.

Spanking and flogging isn't the only thing they subject his ass to. A dildo strapped to a very long pole is forced into his asshole - stretching the straight boy beyond his normal limits. Dr. Rob's balls are tied down and his cock is tormented. Ha, that's a way to put the breeder in his place. 

They continue the torment by caning him and applying a vibrator to his balls as the dildo rams in and out of him - pistoning his ass like it's drilling for oil. In order to quiet down his incessant cries, Dave shoves his dick in the married boys mouth. If he does a good job, they promise to stop the caning. 

They really love to abuse him. The sadistic fucks laugh at Dr. Rob and taunt him. What kind of pussy can't take it? Your bound to a table on all fours with your balls tied up and stretched and a guys ass shoved in your face - take it like a man! His cock sucking skills aren't up to par, so they decide to teach him to slide his tongue into a man's hole properly. 

After bitching about how thirsty he is, Dave orders him to open his mouth. With Rob's mouth open, Dave unleashes a stream of piping hot piss down the boy's throat. He wanted a drink and now he has to swallow it. His face being drenched in piss and swallowing it down as his ass mercilessly fucked with lube and ass juice dripping down over his balls is almost too much for the hetero. He struggles not to vomit as he's totally overwhelmed by the Breeder Fuckers.

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