Friday, August 3, 2012

Tanner is Blindfolded, Bound, and Blown

Tanner is a college freshman, and he's never had a guy suck his dick before. He's at Straight Fraternity to change that and this is his initiation. Will he be able to pass the test? He's tied up and blindfolded naked on an office chair. His cock ready to be serviced, so in comes Allen to give this straight eighteen year old his first gay blow job. 

Allen slides his lips over that fresh meat and sucks it for all it's worth. He's a skilled cock sucker, and Tanner can hardly hold back. He's on edge and begging for release. A boy's mouth, he now knows, can feel so good and hit the right spots. Tanner's hand is freed so he can pump a warm load out onto his stomach. That isn't the end though.

Allen is horny after all of that and wants to get off too! He's not about to just leave when there's a tied up straight boy with a pretty mouth that can be put to work. This wasn't what Tanner signed up for, but too fucking bad. Allen gets Tanner's mouth around his cock head and jerks off. 

Allen's load joins Tanner's on  his torso. Tanner has passed the initiation and now is a proud member of Straight Fraternity. I wonder what he will be open to next. 

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