Saturday, August 11, 2012

Young Straight Stud Strips to His Boxers

Hey cock suckers, there's a new straight stud for you to worship at Broke Straight Boys. His name is Jesse Dade, and he gets his body by doing something your pussy ass couldn't do - he worked in an oil field. He was out there sweating and laboring, while you get to drool at the thought of liking up his sweat and sniffing those ripe balls. That's how you show your appreciation to a superior straight dude. 

He's only 20 years old, and that's past the prime age for the beefy stud to start putting someone like you in his place and begging him to serve at his feet. This hot breeder boy was probably even getting submissive fags to do his homework and buy him lunch in high school. He's a quiet guy, who doesn't say much, but he just oozes masculinity. That makes you want to fall to your knees and trip over your feet to get him whatever he wants. And he knows what you want.

You want to see his cock. You want to see his naked body, and bury your face in his crotch. You want to lick and suck his toes as he squeezes your balls and smacks your ass. Your only thought is what you can do to make him happy. You don't get to cum in his presence. You don't even get to touch yourself. He'll lock that cock of yours up in chastity so your only focus is on him. He slides off his jeans and sits in his boxers. Your cock getting harder with anticipation. You want him to take them off. You want the honor and privilege of being his faggot slave. You will do anything for him to just pay you an ounce of attention. 

He has you right where he wants you. You want to see him naked? You want that cock? Ha, silly fag, do you think that comes free? No, it doesn't. You want it, then you pay for it! You go to Broke Straight Boys and pay to see these straight superior studs get naked and stroke their cocks. You buy them presents and honor them properly. Now, faggot!

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