Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Straight Military Boy Gets His Cherry Popped

There is a plethora of hot army studs to choose from on Active Duty. Recently, Tanner found himself joining the crew and now he's going to be getting some cock up that man-hole. Tattooed stud, Jake, is the lucky military man to take Tanner to a new kind of boot camp. 
You can tell how super straight Tanner is by his hard look and the way he flicks off the camera in the photo above. That look soon changes when his lips are wrapped around Jake's cock. Tanner gives him a slow, sensual blow job. He kisses it and licks the shaft. Tanner seems to know what he's doing and enjoying himself. He even goes so far as to kiss Jake's pelvic area. Looks like someone may have been practicing at the barracks! Tanner's hard-ass face is also missing during the cock sucking that Jake gives him in return.

Soon enough, it's time for the main attraction, and that cute little ass of Tanner's will never be the same again. He'll live with the fact that another man's dick has dived into his hetero hole, and he'll feel even more guilty because he'll have that burning desire to keep doing it. But that's a worry for later. Right now, he has to brace himself, but knows his army buddy has his back; and that's exactly where Jake is. Tanner gets on all forces and Jake lines up at the front line. His gun is locked, cocked, and fully loaded as he heads into the battle grounds. 

He proceeds cautiously at first, but once in the heat of battle it's a full frontal ASSault. Jake flips Tanner over and really starts to make him his bitch! In the end, Jake pulls out and unloads his M-80 on his captive. I wonder if the military trains you to take this kind of torture technique. It might get more info out of someone than water boarding!

~Watch Jake and Tanner on Active Duty~


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