Sunday, July 29, 2012

Straight Supremacy with Christian Wilde

Christian Wilde is a straight, tattooed, Blond god. He's into all kinds of kinky and wild things. When his girlfriend pisses him off and picks a fight with him, he's going to go from Straight To Gay. Fortunately, his roommate - Johnny Ryder - is there to listen and help take Christian's mind off of things.

Johnny's way of helping his roomie take his mind off of his girl problems is to strip naked and offer up his tight boy pussy. That's what every little fag should do for their straight friends. Your hole should be filled by a real man's cock. You should always be ready and of service to a straight friend in need. Johnny is a smart little fag boy. Christian isn't yet aware of his straight supremacy, and reluctant to use that fag-hole. After realizing that he's only had his hand to rely on for the past few weeks, he decides to dominate that ass. Just as he's ready to fuck, Johnny wants to suck it first. 

That's the way it should be. A gay slave boy should always worship the cock first. His lips should be firmly wrapped around your shaft and sliding down until his nose is buried in your pubes and he can't breathe. His tongue laps at those breeder balls, wanting the juice that lies inside. He wants the juice of a real man in hopes that it may make him one as well. It won't. After Christian sufficiently fucks the fags throat, he bends him over and pounds that mussy. 

Christian turns his roommate into his new bitch, and uses his holes like they were meant to be by a superior straight stud. He never kisses his faggot roommate, and he never should. That might make him feel like more of an equal  - which he isn't! He's worthless and inferior. Christian shouldn't even have allowed Johnny to touch himself or cum. Now that he knows how superior he is, maybe next time he'll lock his bitch up in chastity like a fag slave should be. See Christian use his roommates ass on Straight To Gay from

You can also check out Christian on Bound Gods where he really knows how to use and abuse a fag slave with lots of leather and bondage.

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