Saturday, August 25, 2012

Straight Stud Forced to Act Like Puppy

Straight Dr. Rob Chance is such a well-educated and polite guy that you would never guess the dirty and depraved things he's into. This breeder totally gets off on being dominated by other men! What would his wife think of that? Hope she never stumbles upon Breeder Fuckers or she'll see him here forced to act like a little puppy. He's bound naked, has a dog tail butt plug shoved up his ass, collared, and humiliated. He's forced to play catch and choke down some dog biscuits. Afterwards, the hetero chocks down a different bone. 

No matter how hard it's drilled into Rob that he's nothing but a cocksucking slut, he still thinks very highly of himself. Dave subjects him to a session of thorough de-humanization, turning the proud doctor into a lowly grovelling pet. Stark naked with his arms and legs tied Rob is made to walk on all fours and bark like a really obedient pooch. For being so good he's given a treat that he's forced to swallow.

With a buttplug tail inserted up his rectum he is ordered to shake it whenever he's happy to nicely display his dangling cock and nads. Each training exercise is excruciatingly hard for the handsome dog as he becomes blindingly aware of his new submissive position.

After all his hard training Rob is given a treat. He's allowed to rise up on his hind legs and chow down on Adrian and Dave's erections. The lazy sucker isn't allowed to just go up and down. He has to take the hard cocks into the back of his throat so the sorry pooch gags. 

Rob's mouth is stretched wide open as both dicks are rammed into his gob. He's so overwhelmed that when he opens his mouth to receive two big creamy loads his tongue trembles as the back of his throat is thoroughly coated with spunk. See more at Breeder Fuckers.

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