Sunday, September 2, 2012

Rent is Due So Straight Boys Fuck Each Other For Cash

it's that time of the month. The landlord will be knocking on their doors and the electric company has already sent second and third notices. The bills are piling up and creditors are on the backs of Spencer Todd and Denver Grand; so it's off to Broke Straight Boys for that extra cash. They have girlfriends, but what they don't know won't hurt them.

The two super hunks start by jacking off their own dicks. Once they are standing at attention, they reach over and lend a helping hand to each other. They're not being paid to just sit their and jerk each other off, though. If these bitches want the dough, they're going to have to blow! Spencer takes the initiative and leans over to plant his two lips on Denver's pulsating cock. Denver Grand basks in the sensation of a warm mouth making that dick feel good. His buddy really knows how to suck it. 

Denver Grand returns the favor, and soon Spencer Todd's shaft is sliding down the straight boy's throat. Spencer is a sexy ginger, who likes to take charge. He coaches Denver along by pushing his head further down his man-meat. He's essentially saying, "suck it, bitch!" I love it when they take control like that. It let's you know that your place is there to serve them.

After Denver's phenomenal blow job, Spencer wanted a piece of his ass. The sexy hot ginger bends his tattooed bitch over the bed and starts to tear his ass in two. Denver screams out as his virgin ass is forced open by Spencer's thick tool. He slams his fire crotch in deep and hard as Denver's pain turns into pleasure and he begs for more. 

Spencer flips Denver onto his back. The tattooed hunk grunts and groans as his ass is invaded by cock. Spencer gives him a deep kiss to shut him up. They both enjoy the feel of another man's tongue rubbing against theirs. 

The prostate massage Spencer is giving Denver helps Denver cum all over his stomach. Denver's tight ass wrapped around his shaft, milking the cock, brings Spencer to the brink. He pulls out and blasts his hot load all over Denver. The boys are spent. They feel a bit guilty for what they've done. They're not supposed to enjoy having sex with other men, but they liked it a lot. They'll tell themselves it was just for the money and are happy about the cash, but we know they'll be back on Broke Straight Boys for another round of straight man-on-man action.

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