Monday, September 10, 2012

Married Straight Guy Gets his First Taste of Cock and Cum

Mike Jochman is a married straight guy with kids. Six years after doing some jack off videos and print work, this cute, young stud is ready for more. His wife doesn't know where he's getting this month's mortgage payment and what he has to do to get it. What she doesn't know won't hurt him. She doesn't have to know that he's going to have another man's fat cock in his mouth, and she'll never taste it on his breath. She doesn't have to know about this scene at Drake Rock.

Mike has a long cock with some big balls and hairy legs. Too bad for him he's not going to get it sucked today. Unless his wife helps him out with that later. He'll probably be thinking about what he did that day for Drake Rock. He'll think about laying naked on the bed, showing off his cock and getting on all fours to expose his ass. He'll think about how thousands of guys will be jerking off at watching him suck his first cock. Mike will think about how much he enjoyed sucking Drake's cock - what a natural he was at taking another guys dick into his mouth.

Mike will think about how much he wanted Drake to like his cock sucking skills. He wanted to please Drake so badly. He had to start with a soft dick, and let it grow and fill his mouth. He tried his hardest to deep throat it, but he choked. Drake pushed his head down further, forcing him to take it and choke some more. He'll think about how much that turned him on and do that to his wife. Mike will cum in her mouth when he thinks about Drake's hot load creaming his face and filling the inside of his mouth. 

Mike will forever remember how that load hit his tongue, and how that first load tasted. He'll remember the sensation of it dripping down his chin. Drake was pleased with Mike. What a good boy he was to suck his first cock and take that creamy jizz. Mike liked pleasing him. 

As a reward for please Drake Rock's cock and eating his cum load, Mike got his chance to jerk off and shoot a load. He shot his baby batter onto Drake's cock, then had the honor and duty of licking and eating it off. Now he knew what he tasted like as well. Now we have a straight cum whore in the making. I'm sure he'll be back for more. 

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