Monday, September 10, 2012

Cocky Straight Doctor is Taught a Lesson By Two Dominant Gays

Dr. Rob didn't' have the best bedside manner when it came to treating his gay patients. That's when the two men at Breeder Fuckers decided to give the straight doctor a taste of his own medicine. Dave and Adrian lure the doctor to an abandoned warehouse by faking an emergency. That's when he's grabbed from behind. The sweet smell of choloform make sure that the gloved hand covering his mouth is the last thing he sees before passing out.

The straight, young doctor wakes up to find himself naked and strapped to some examination chair. His legs are restrained and spread wide. The duct tape over his mouth prevents him from asking the obvious questions. Dave and Adrian fill in the gaps for him. They don't like the way he's been treating his gay patients and talking about them behind their back - calling them fags. They have something special cooked up for him. They start by shaving his ass. Dr. Rob tries to protest and fight it, but it's no use for these breeder.

Once that hetero hole is nice and smooth, like his girlfriend's pussy, his captors fill his ass with water. They're going to clean him out. They force him to hold that dirty water inside as they spank and flog his ass hard. They are merciless with their assault. They laugh and tease him whenever he cries out in pain. That's it, straight boy, cry! You're their little bitch now! Once he can't hold it in any longer, they let him release his ass juice. Now that it's all nice and clean, the real fun begins. 

After they've fingered him and loosened him his once virgin hole, they bring in the fucking machine. A motorized dildo on a stick. It pounds him ruthlessly and without regard to how he feels. Now the good doctor knows what's it feels like to be a fag. Once the machine has had it's fun, it's time for some real cock. He can't take anymore and begs them to stop. The once cocky, alpha-male doctor is now a weak, helpless pussy boy. The men are not letting up on him. One holds his eyes open and forces Rob to watch as the other guys cock is shoved into his ass. 

Rob is plowed by the big cocks before the guys clamp his nipples and dick. Oh no, the Breeder Fuckers are not done with you yet boy! Maybe you'll learn to be more respectful.

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