Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Straight Boys Have a Gay Threeway

The Straight Rent Boys are back for a schooling in anal fucking. Mikey's there as "the hole," Jacob is back to see how many times he can cum, and Travis Cooper is here for his first piece of boy ass. Mikey is going to teach these breeders how to fuck  men. Jacob jerks off as Mikey helps Travis get in his ass. Travis is told to think of it as a pussy as he fucks Mikey.

Travis starts to build up a rhythm as he fucks Mikey. It's nice a tight and the straight boy really gets into fucking that boy-ass. Mikey takes Jacob's cock and he's spit roasted by the two breeder boys. Eventually, they flip Mikey over and Travis drives it in deep. Jacob takes Mikey's cock in his mouth before getting his turn with Mikey's sweet, tight hole. 

Jacob starts slamming Mikey deep and hard. His cries are muffled by Travis's tool being shoved down the bitches throat. The straight boys really start getting into using him and realizing their alpha male status. They learn that Mikey is just a hole for them to fuck and use to get their release. 

Jacob pulls out and dumps a huge load onto Mikey's balls. One guy is done, but Mikey still has another one to take care of. He rides Travis's cock and creams himself with his mega cum shot. Travis pulls out and spews his load over Mikey, covering the kid in cum. He feels complete now, like a good little cum dump. So ends the hot Travis Cooper, Jacob, and Mikey threesome on Straight Rent Boys.

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