Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Straight Shawn Reynolds Strokes Off in a Jeep

Shawn Reynolds is one of the latest straight boys on Next Door Male. He has a sexy nerd look going if you just see him from the neck up. His square-framed glasses make you think "computer geek", but underneath that pocket protector is a tattooed alpha male with a throbbing hard cock just begging for you to suck it. And if you're a good little boy, then maybe he will let you! 

Imagine being at your work desk, behind your computer when it suddenly starts to fail. It's almost quitting time and you're in the middle of some very important work and forgot to save. You hurry up and call the IT department, then wait. You begin to worry and hope that when he shows up, he doesn't look in that one file of yours. The one you gave that nondescript name to like "WWII Photos", but it secretly conceals your porn. Suddenly Shawn shows up, and at first you think nothing of him and move to let him do his work. He sits at your desk and you start to notice his his sexy buzzed head and it leads down his neck to his broad shoulders. Very nice, you think to yourself. You follow it down further still and notice how firm his biceps are. Now you start to get flushed.

He turns around in the chair and looks at you. He starts asking you questions, but he already knows the answers. His tone is commanding and authoritative. What were you doing when it happened? Have you been going to any nefarious websites? Did you download that update that the whole office was asked to do? It was in the email memo. He doesn't believe you when you say you never got it. He notices how nervous you are. You can't help but scope his hard pecs filling out his shirt. He could feel your eyes checking him out. Now he starts to get cocky. His a superior computer-genius, and you're the moron at the office who couldn't even download a simple update. 

Because your dumb ass couldn't figure out such a simple task, he's going to be stuck working the night away. He was supposed to hang out with his girlfriend and has that World of Warcraft championship. You apologize, but the smug bastard just brushes you off. By now the office has cleared out except for the two of you, and the lone janitor way on the other side of the office. That's when he finds your file. You know those nerds are history buffs and he thought for a second that you were cool. Now he knows what a queer you are. Busted!

You beg him not to tell anyone about this. You'll do anything if he will just keep it between the two of you. He smirks. He's got your bitch ass over a barrel and like a true straight superior stud he's in a charge and knows it. His girlfriend was going to give him a blow job during the game, but your lips will do nicely. If he's going to be there servicing your computer, then you're going to be there too - servicing his cock. You're not sure if all this is really happening and just stare at him, dumbfounded. He unbuttons his khakis and pulls out that cock. Well? What the fuck are you waiting for, faggot?

You drop to your knees, ready to worship that cock of your straight coworker. He's forcing you to suck his cock, but he's really not. You know your place, and it's to service men like him. You're happy to do it. He grab it by the base and lower your head towards that breeder boner. Your lips hit the head and slide down the shaft. A low, whispered moan escapes Shawn Reynolds' mouth and you hear "Good boy!" That's right, you're a very good boy, doing as your told. Keep sucking. You're only there to please this straight god. Don't think of anything else.

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