Friday, November 25, 2011

Cain and Skip - Corbin Fisher

At Corbin Fisher, Skip was nervous about getting it on with another guy for the first time, but having seen Cain's scenes, he really wanted him to pop his cherry. They start making out and rip their shirts off, exposing their muscular torsos. These straight boys are hot. Cain moves down to Skip's feet and starts sucking his toes as Cain rubs his cock through his jeans. They engage in a foot 69, until Cain decides to swallow Skip's seed shooter. Then Cain feeds Skip his cucumber, and he takes to it like a fish to water. He licks Cain's balls, then sucks his uncut cock again. Cain gets Skip on all fours and licks and fingers his ass to prepare him for the ride of his life. Cain shoves it in, but Skip asks him to go easy. He does...for a minute! That tight, virgin ass feels too good and Cain just starts drilling away. He slows it down so Skip can feel every inch of that sausage penetrating him. Cain gets Skip into all different positions, then pulls out and soaks Skip with his semen. Skip strokes it, making sure to get every last drop on him.

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