Thursday, May 10, 2012

Straight Tattooed Stud With 9-Inch Dick

Kevin Cavallie is back at Circle Jerk Boys to get fucked by Beau Kennedy. Both men are straight and talk about their love of cars and chicks, but rent is due. Kevin is an open-minded kind of guy, and he's about to be very surprised by the size of the dick that's about to fuck him. Beau Kennedy boasts a 9" curvy cock. When Kevin notices the bulge in Beau's boxers, he makes his move. Impressed by what he finds, he slides his mouth over it and takes it as far back in his throat as he can. 

Beau returns the favor, but being his first time he's tentative. He strokes it a couple times before he gets his first taste of dick. He doesn't do it for long because he's ready for Kevin's ass - another thing he's doing for the first time. He bends Kevin over and starts easing it in. Kevin's ass is hungry for it, and he pushes back to meet it. Kevin rides it as Beau just stands there, remarking on what a nice, tight ass Kevin has. As Beau gets more and more into it, he starts to take control. He grabs Kevin by the waste and starts impaling Kevin with his fuck stick. Kevin moans - loving the feeling of that long schlong sliding in and out of his straight ass, even though he can't take all of it. Afterwards, they sit side-by-side on the couch and pump out their big, creamy loads. 

See the video on Circle Jerk Boys!

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