Monday, May 14, 2012

Sloan Swallows Cain's Hot Load

On Corbin Fisher, Sloan is chillin', watching a game on TV, when Cain approaches him from behind and starts kissing him. The game can wait! They take off their shirts as they head to the bedroom. Their hot, muscled chests are bare, and Cain starts licking and biting Sloan's nipple. The boys continue making out. When their pants come off, they grind their underwear covered cocks together. Sloan goes down and takes Cain's uncut cock into his mouth, wetting it with his saliva as he moves his head up and down that shaft. Cain starts to finger Sloan's hole in the process.

Cain tells Sloan that's he's going to fuck him so good, before they move into a sixty-nine. Each boy taking the other's cock in his mouth, sucking it. Sloan bends over the bed, and Cain slides his foreskinned fuck stick deep into Sloan. He loves the feeling of Cain pounding away at him. After they move into missionary, Cain lifts Sloan up, throws his legs over his shoulders and fucks him hard. Sloan wraps his strong, muscled arms around Cain's neck, who then picks him up and lets him ride it. Sloan ends up blasting his load all over Cain's six-pack. Cain jerks his cock and Sloan's mouth is there waiting for the warm man-juice to fill his mouth. After it does, he sucks out the remaining drops. Mmm. What a hot scene from Corbin Fisher

Watch this hot scene on Corbin Fisher.

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