Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cody Cummings Special Edition - Shadow Kiss

Cody Cummings is a nervous straight boy, lurking around a dark alley looking for some hot action. He's not sure what he'll find or what he'll do, but his cock is taking control and it's telling him to play. 

Hot, young boy Anthony Romero passes by and likes what he sees. He immediately starts cruising Cody, who flirts back by unbuttoning his jeans and exposing his jock. Anthony approaches and there's no turning back now. The studs start to kiss. It's sensual, and forbidden for Cody. What would his girlfriend think? Who cares about her now? Anthony slides down to his knees and pulls aside Cody's black jockstrap pouch, and he's hit in the face with Cody's rock hard cock! Anthony takes it in his mouth.

Anthony's mouth feels so good sliding up and down that fat shaft. Cody is in heaven, but he wants more. He takes Anthony from behind and starts kissing the back of the boys neck and grinding his cock against that sweet behind. He runs his hands all over it. Soon, they are on the ground and Anthony is on top of Cody. He grinds his ass against Cody's groin, teasing that cock with the thought of entering.

It's not to happen, though. The tables are soon turned and Anthony is the one grinding his tool into Cody's box. Cody's pants are around his ankles and his legs are in the air, it's a new feeling for him. However, it's too much, too soon, but Cody needs to get off! Anthony massages Cody's cock with his mouth again and is soon rewards with Cody's pent up, straight boy load all over him. Lucky Anthony!

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